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Member Since: Jul 8, 2012
First Name: Ken
Last Name: Carson
Age: 54 Years Old
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kept Private
Sexual Preference: Gay
Hottest Celebrity: Sam Elliott
Sexual Position: Standing
Like to Fuck: Your Dad.
Fantasy: Kept Private
Website: No website has been listed.
Twitter: Kept Private
Facebook: Kept Private
Bebo: Kept Private
Myspace: Kept Private
YouTube: Kept Private
About Me:
Stocky, fairly furry bear with gray goatee/vandyke. Moderate trucker-gut...abused, oversized nipples...a dirty imagination...and a FILTHY mouth. On the prowl for "sons", "nephews", and other "dirty boys" of ANY age (legal age, that is!) who like to play naughty, private "grown-up games" with a foul-mouthed, filthy-minded, cigar-chompin', "authority figure". Into leather, uniforms, big cigars, heavily verbal role-play, face/body fur (no such thing as too hairy), especially extreme beards and staches (HUGE "Yosimite Sam" handlebars...thick, heavy fu manchus...gigantic, overgrown "mountain man/biker" beards.) Have full head-to-toe leather gear (cowtow to the cowhide!)...also a full security guard uniform (Cavity search, anyone?)...and about a dozen variations of blue collar, redneck, trucker getups. Into subtle, low-key "quietly incestuous" Dad scenes, but get dirtier when playing the role of the "black sheep of the family"....that peculiar, perverted, backwoods "loner" UNCLE that the family only whispers about.... (the one nobody dares to leave alone with their son for ANY length of time...). With the right kind of dude, I sometimes enjoy being a dirty little bottom/submissive/whore (within limits). I've always had a big weakness for hot senior Silverdaddies...especially if they're sporting white facial-fur. Understand...while I may, verbally, sometimes get a little "psychologically intense" (sex IS 90% mental, after all), you need to be the kind of guy who has enough smarts to not take any of the degrading name-calling and the barrage of abusive verbal filth "personally". Trust me...ain't nothin' to be scared of's just a GAME, ya know...just pretend! ("improvisational theater, with an orgasm", if you will.) And, you can rest assured that I'm definitely NOT into any kind of actual, real physical pain, permanent marks, etc. No psycho "branding", burning, or sick-ass "ashtray" scene shit. No scat or blood...(I can occasionally get turned on by some limited "piss-play".) Otherwise, I'm open to hearing any roleplay/scenario ideas you wanna throw out. I'm capable of taking on just about any role or character that the situation calls for. (But, please, gentlemen....let's leave the family pets and farm livestock at home...okay?) I should also mention that I can't tolerate even the slightest smell of cologne, aftershave, deodorant, soap, etc. I strongly prefer the smell of naturally occurring, REAL man-scent. Enjoy correspondence with other "pals in perversion" who are similarly bent...ideally with some degree of facial hair...the more the better, but any at all is better than none. Dig hairy bodies, too, but to a lesser degree of importance. (Of course..smooth, hairless "young'uns" are fun to sit on your knee while you teach 'em to smoke their first big, grownup cigar....but, I digress...) Otherwise, I ain't lookin' for...or picky about..."good looks". (No airbrushed, 8x10 glossy "GQ pretty boy cover models" or size/age queens need apply). I found out a long time ago that "4-H'er's" are what flip my switches. (Homely...Hairy...Hung...n' Horny.) But, be advised...a dirty mind, above-average imagination (and a broad, "cerebral" sense of humor) are required! It's always good to hear from ANYONE who's turned-on by uber-macho roleplay, extreme raunchy talk, and of course...imposing, obnoxious, big-boss-man sized cigars! P.S. You claim that you're filthy, kinky, wild, 'n raunchy, but you don't even have ONE single, personal or profile photo to post or email?......Well then, just keep on a-walkin', bubba.....I don't care much for playin' "hide-and-seek". ANYWAY....Here's hoping that life grants an endless bounty of Peace and Perversion to one and all! Stay sleazy...stay greasy...And always keep your freak flag flyin' high! Later, you PIGS! Stogie'
Full-time I/T professional. Part-time actor/singer/songwriter.
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