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Masculine hetero Fergus is plunged into the deep end at this test screening for his first man on man video. He’s a cheeky and confident Irishman ready for the challenge. He claims to have never thought about gay sex before, be (even if he’s a little sloppy in his approach) he’s really adept at the mechanics of it. His cock is almost instantly hard and ready as he gets down on his knees to suck another man’s dick for the first time. Since he was raised in a really conservative straight environment, the excuse of making a porn film for money might allow him to explore his unacknowledged sexual fantasies which he’d never do in his normal life. Here Fergus learns what rimming means as his arsehole is given a good tongue lashing for the first time. When his hole is primed and wet, Dave plunges in giving him a good hard fucking. After having his arse filled Fergus is ordered back on his knees to receive a mouthful of spunk. He swallows every drop. Then its Fergus’ turn to get off and he’s back on his knees to taste a man’s anus for the first time. After so much teasing his cock is aching hard and ready to get off. He fucks like a trooper at his first whorehouse then experiences the blissful relief of shooting a big creamy load into Dave’s gaping mouth. After such an extremely successful first time having sex with  a man, we’re expecting a long fruitful career in porn for this hot fella
Straight dude fucked
From: Daddyload
Added: Dec 10, 2016
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Daddy-loving otter, Stephen Harte, is paired up with balding hairy daddy, Sailor Blue. The younger, slender Stephen is eager to satisfy the bearded tattooed Sailor and immediately sets out to suck his fat cock. But Sailor is the type of daddy with one thing on his mind. Hole. He rims Stephen, eating out the hairy ass before working his fingers inside and spreading him open. And while Stephen moans like a whore and writhes from the pleasure pain, Sailor slides that fat dick inside, bareback fucking the cock-crazed power bottom. Sailor fucks deep and he fucks fast and rough, varying his tempo in a way that drives both of them crazy. Sailor slams and pounds Stephen, edging until they’re both ready to blow their loads. Sailor seeds Stephen then fucks the cum out of the piggy bottom bareback whore.
Stephen Harte and...
From: Fatpapa
Added: Dec 9, 2016
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With Booth's long rod, I knew just the cock sucker to take on his Monster Cock! Sean Peyton! Sean sucks Booth's cock until it is at its full 9 inch mass. He does an amazing job getting it down his throat! Sean pulls his own cock out, and Booth eagerly sucks his cock. Sean gets in a more comfortable position so Booth can attack his cock, and Booth's cock sucking-skills are extremely good!

After 69-sucking, they take turns fucking each other's throats. It's up to you to decide who can handle a face-fucking better. I think Sean won, simply because he had to deal with a lot more meat to swallow! Booth jerks his cock until it is spraying all over Sean's face!
Booth & Sean Peyton...
Added: Oct 28, 2016
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Tall, tattooed Rikk York's hot cock rubs against Hugo Diaz's furry stomach as they exchange kisses. Hugo can't resist getting a taste of Rikk's meat. Rikk helps out with lubrication by letting a thick strand of saliva drip into Hugo's mouth. Signaling that Hugo's more than turned on, precum oozes from his uncut cock. After getting face fucked, Hugo gets his hairy ass eaten. With his fingers, Rikk probes Hugo's sweet hole, opening him up wide. Rikk's cock twitches with anticipation, and Hugo assumes the doggy style position to get fucked. With rhythmic intensity, Rikk pumps Hugo's hole with every inch of his massive cock. Hugo grinds his ass into Rikk's crotch. The versatile studs flip, and Hugo repays Rikk's rim job with plenty of spit and tongue. Eager to feel Rikk's ass, Hugo enters Rikk's hole and returns what Rikk gave him, thrust for thrust. Rikk jerks his hard cock until gobs of white cum erupt on his hairy torso. Hugo jerks out his load into Rikk's face and into his mouth. The two kiss a final time, tasting the cum on Rikk's lips.
About to Burst
Added: Sep 23, 2016
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The craving for cock brings hairy Bravo Delta face to face with tall, tan Aarin Asker. Bravo's thick beard, dark body hair, and massive cock are all prominently on display. Aarin's firm ass, plump nipples, and hairy chest are irresistible, and Bravo rubs his hands along Aarin's muscled body. They kiss, beards rubbing together, tongues touching, and then Aarin goes down to get a taste of Bravo's mouthwatering meat. Spit drips down Aarin's furry pecs as he uses his saliva to lube up Bravo's tasty cock. Bravo leans back and invites Aarin to sit on his face, pushing his tongue deep into Aaron's hairy crack. With his hole lubed, Aarin sits on Bravo's throbbing boner. Thrusting from below, Bravo drives his girthy shaft deep in Aarin's fuckhole. Jerking his cock, Aarin flexes his muscular legs and slams his ass down on Bravo's schlong. They switch to missionary, Aarin throwing a leg up over Bravo's shoulder for maximum penetration, his hole stretching as wide as it can to accommodate Bravo's thick dick. The hair on Aarin's ass clings to Bravo's cock every time he pulls out. The pressure on Aarin's prostate pushes him over the edge, shooting his cum across his furry legs and stomach. Bravo strokes himself until he explodes with a giant load that drenches Aarin's cock with thick spunk.
Bravo Delta Fucks his man
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Added: Aug 10, 2016
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The boss, Nick North is horny and decides to get relief for his hard throbbing cock with the help of his favorite employee Jonan. An afternoon office fuck session is just  what he needs to de-stress.
Delivering the Good
From: Fatpapa
Added: Jul 21, 2016
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Furry Surfer Rich is a horny working class, married man with a sexy Mohawk, bright pink toe nails, FULL BUSH of dick, chest and back hair who enjoys stroking his hairy cock as he works fully naked in the garden trimming palm tree branches, shows his hairy Manhole while working, talks about his wife, takes sexy outdoor shower in the sun, released a wild Piss, before busting a big nut all over his furry body outside in Hawaii in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. Feast your eyes on every inch of Randy Rich's totally hairy body and thick hard cock as he holds his bright blue body surfboard in one hand and his hairy cock in the other. This super friendly surfer sports a sexy shaved head and awesome Mohawk as he tells us the story of how the toe nails on his furry feet were painted by his young niece. Watch him being photographed nude for the very first time in this video! Surfer Rich really enjoys showing off his beefy beautiful hairy man body for our cameras! Look at how perfectly hairy Rich's athletic body is: Hairy Chest, Back, Ass, legs and his super furry crotch! What a beautiful cock! Surfer Rich is one of the friendliest surfers we have met on Island Studs! It is very hot to watch this totally furry hunk with his beautiful cock flopping around the garden as he bends over picks up piles of Palm Tree branches in the driveway, totally NAKED. Rich's BIG HAIRY BALLS and cock dangle between his furry ass cheeks as he works outside in the Hot Hawaiian Sun. He sweats as he does his nudist garden boy chores for us all to see. We catch great views of Surfer Rich's open Hairy manhole as he bends over repeatedly to pick up fallen leafs. Rich does not mind showing us his pink furry hole! Feast your eyes on Rich's Beefy naked body from every angle as he works balls out! Watch Rich take a wild Pee! This friendly Surfer Boy stands in the garden and takes a piss that separates into two solid streams of pee! What a unique sight: Two streams of Rich piss! Horny Rick is even more sexy as he takes a HOT soapy shower to wash off all the dirt and sweat after his naked house boy work. Excited to jerk off for us, Rich sits in a garden chair and treats us to a long JO session. Look at the way he manhandles his hairy ball sack and furry hard cock. Our cameras capture Furry Surfer Rich and his fat furry dick from every angle and close up as he jerks off! Listen to him moan with pleasure as he cums! Watch this sexy surfer shoot GOBS of thick white goo ALL OVER himself! His sweet man juice BLASTS out of his swollen Cock landing all over his hairy chest and belly and drips down his big balls. Sweaty, sticky and drained, Surfer Rich jumps up to take a second outdoor shower dripping cum as he baths! Lovers of super Hairy men should NOT miss this HOT soapy OUTDOOR SHOWER scene! Furry Rich soaps up his half hard cock and hairy ass cheeks! Watch as he raises his legs to clean his dirty feet and puts his big hairy ass crack into the camera lens! We get a great views of his big ball sack and open hairy hole again as he soaps up his thick hairy ass! Furry Surfer Rich is our new favorite Tan Surfer Boy on the Island! Island Studs has a full stable of Naked Hairy Surfers and Blue Collar men working nude outdoors and jerking off for us in the tropics. Surfer Rich's totally hairy body and BIG friendly smile will excite you. Don't miss his Beefy new furry surfer boy as he strips naked for the first time Hawaii! Join now!.................................
Furry Bluecollar Surfer
From: Fatpapa
Added: Jun 3, 2016
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This first installment of Dirty Rider has us captivated by the rough bareback pounding that a hairy and beefy Aaron Bruiser gives Stephen Harte in the hot California desert. Their raunchy motocross adventure is a thing of pure fantasy come alive when dirt bikes, big dicks and hungry holes are involved.
Hard Ride
From: Trash
Added: Jun 2, 2016
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 It was a bit musky in the room that day. Though I do want to say that Vander is not a musky boy all the time. Only on set when the guys tend to not wear deodorant because it shows on camera does he get a little ripe. Shepherd is the same way.

Shepherd love the way Vander smelled and you can tell that he really let himself get into this scene. He is passionate and enthusiastic, not mention also astounded at how thick Vander's cock is!

I love that he just dove in. Kissing and sucking like he had been starving for this kind of action. He identifies as straight, but clearly this is a Bi guy. Vander also shows him how amazing he gives head. Shepherd is blown away, literally, by his oral skills.

Vander buries his tongue into Shepherd furry hole too, spreading his cheeks wide so we get a great view.

They 69 suck each other, and I can't decide which dude was hungrier than the other.

Shepherd fucks Vander doggie-style and wow, you can see just how skilled he is at Topping! His skin is not in great shape, but his vibe is so hot that I think you can overlook it.

He even fucks Vander side-by-side. Very challenging to do, but he fucked him while playing with his cock and kissing him.

Shepherd gets him on his back and rams his hole, also continuously playing with his buddy's cock to keep him happy.

Vander busts a huge load, while Shepherd does a perfect job of coating Vander's hole with a stripe of cum, and dumping the rest inside.

Vander cleans his cock, licking and eating all that delicious cum!
Shepherd & Vander RAW
From: Trash
Added: May 15, 2016
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The stubbly chins of Adam Champ and Donnie Dean scrape against each other as they kiss, Donnie gripping Adams huge, hairy pecs. Adam licks Donnies scruffy bod, wrapping his hot lips around Donnies meat as he starts a sultry suck that works Donnie up rock hard. Donnie smiles as he looks down, shaking his cock in Adams face. Take it! he moans as Adam deep throats him. He holds the back of Adams head as he fucks his face, then gets on his knees to swallow Adams uncut meat. Donnie plants his lips to the thick base, his nose buried in pubes before he slides his lips up and tugs on the studs foreskin. Adams massive pec twitches as he gets sucked, the muscle man soon eating his bud out. He fucks Donnie from behind, his huge quads slamming the bottoms ass. Donnie slides up and down in it, then gets on his back. The bottom shoots a stream that hits his nip and slides down his ribs, Adam releasing on the bottoms cock.
Catch 22
From: Trash
Added: May 10, 2016
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During the chaos of the prison break, Brendan Patrick finds a hideout—soon joined by fellow escapee Tommy Defendi. Brendan stares at the stud: “Sorry, man,” he says as he moves closer, “it’s been too long.” Tommy pulls him in for a kiss, the two unzipping their jumpsuits. Brendan gets on his knees and opens wide to take in Tommy’s massive meat. Tommy grips the sucker’s hair and fucks his face, Brendan choking as he comes up for air—spitting on Tommy’s dick before diving down again. Tommy pisses in a bucket—and all over Brendan, who sucks him again as a huge gob of spit falls to the floor. The two beat Tommy’s cock on the sub’s face, Tommy resting his monster on Brendan’s head (covering the entire face!) as his balls get licked. Tommy sucks Brendan back before eating him, then fucks him from behind. He turns him over: “Gonna fuck that cum right outta you!” he yells, dousing the bottom with a multi-gush squirt
Jail Break
From: puplover
Added: May 6, 2016
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Damon Andros has a thing for twinky gingers. So when I told him I wanted him to fuck freckled Max Breeker, he popped a boner immediately. Once the shaved headed daddy settles in next to the boyish ginger on my couch, they chat a bit before working on some yoga stretches together. All this bending is difficult with pants on, so Damon helps Max out of his. Soon, daddy is behind his boy on the floor giving a back rub that quickly turns into an ass eating session. Damon spreads the white globes and dives his tongue deep into the pink hole as Max's dick starts to swell. Max volunteers to help his daddy out with a blow job. As he bobs on the pulsing dick, Damon grabs a handful of the copper mane; guiding his head up and down. Max greedily devours the stiff member, slobbering happily on the balls before spinning around to slide gently onto it. Max's face is alive with the ecstasy of being penetrated by a man old enough to be his father. As he bounces on it, Damon reaches around and strokes the pink, rock-hard stiffy. Bending him over on all fours, Damon takes the tight boyhole from behind, pumping deep and hard. Max gets flipped onto his back with a jock stuffed in his mouth, while Damon jams his ass full of cock and chokes him out. All the while demanding,
From: puplover
Added: Apr 18, 2016
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Theodore was a little nervous getting his dick sucked by a guy his first time. He did seem curious and excited to give it a try, so I figured things would go smooth.

His dick was excited too. He pops out of his shorts hard, so Sean sets to work on servicing him.

Theodore is doing fine with the porn video playing for him, and as usual I ease the audio down to mute as we go along. He gets a little wobbly without the sound of the porn playing for him, but Sean moves into full stroke mode.

Not sure if it was his stroking that got his cock back to hard. Sean finally peels off his shorts, and spreads Theodore's legs wide, and that passive position seemed to be the turning point. He got rock hard with his legs in the air! Theodore paid little attention to the video after that.

And in all the videos I have shot, I have never had any one make the request that Theodore did.

Theodore asked Sean to rub his beard on his cock! It tickled him AND turned him on! Not many guys, gay or straight, can handle that, but Theodore was enjoying it, smiling really big! Hmmm.

Sean went to rim him, and his beard tickled him again. After a few giggles though, Theodore was loving having his ass licked.

Theodore stands so Sean can get at his cock even better.

Theodore strokes his cock and gives Sean an amazing facial that coats his entire face!
Sean Peyton & Theodore
From: puplover
Added: Apr 18, 2016
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Big Buck is Tall, Furry good ol' Southern Bartender from the
Mississippi Shore, with a FULL BUSH of dick, chest and back hair who
enjoys stroking his thick 8
Hairy country Pup
From: Trash
Added: Apr 14, 2016
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Two younger Skater Bros sucking hard cock
Skaters sucking cock
From: puplover
Added: Apr 14, 2016
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Sean had a motorcycle accident not long ago and his hand is still healing from the crash as well as his scrapes and bruises on the rest of his body. He's laid out in bed resting when his boyfriend Derek comes in to console him. Derek gives him kisses all over his face and wakes him up to a pleasant surprise. Sean asks him for a massage but Derek is a really lazy boyfriend but a forward thinking one at that. Derek tells Sean that he has a massage therapist on his way over already and that this therapist is open to some hot sexy three way play. The massage therapist finally shows up and its Matt Stevens that is going to give Sean a nice sensual rub down. Matt begins his work with some cream all over Sean's back. Derek watches as Matt rubs his man down with his strong manly hands. Derek begins to tug at his crotch while watching Matt. The two stare at each other while Sean notices that his face is right in Matt's crotch. Sean reaches out with a hand and pulls out Matt's hard cock and begins to suck on it. The clothes begin to come off and all the cocks are out and either they are being sucked on or stroked. Their hands move from massage pace to stroking and licking. All three of the men are extremely rock hard and they all take turns fucking one another, sucking and rimming until one after another they begin to pop from all the sexual excitement.
Special Massage
From: Trash
Added: Apr 8, 2016
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'Who stole Killian's sneakers'? It's hardly a whodunit! But when Killian finds his favourite sneakers/trainers missing and his flatmate Gabriel Phoenix sniffing them and whacking his eight inch, uncut cock, he gives the cutie something better to do, by waving his own juicy, circumcised but delicious dick in Gabriel's face. Gabriel's been red hot for Killian for days ( and not just for this scene, but in real life, these guys have been chomping at the bit for days, Killian's straight off the plane and ready to shoot a thick load - YUM). Gabriel's already rock hard, sliding his tight foreskin back and forth over his glistening cock head, Killian's bends him over and licks around his fuzzy peach of a bum and slides his tongue inside - Gabriels favourite kind of lube - spit. Then when he's spanked him, OW look at that red hand print! its time to break in Gabriel's tight little hole and ride him like a bucking-bronco, but not before Killian's has redressed him - in his sneakers at least. Gabriel's pushing back for more as his arse is well and truly punished, but where oh where to shoot those sticky-steamy-gloopy loads, on in the face and one in the sneaker!
Killian James &...
From: Trash
Added: Mar 31, 2016
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I thought Shepherd would be nervous, but just like his solo, his cock was ready to go before Sean could get his shorts off.

Shepherd has a quiet yet bossy vibe about him. Sean buries his nose into Shepherd's musky pubes. Shepherd stayed totally in the moment, relishing having his cock serviced. No sneak peeks at straight porn, he was there to be serviced and to play with another dude. He also played with Sean's cock, and they jousted for a bit. There is an energy about him that I really like. Bossy, masculine, but also really wanting to please his buddy. I get a
Sean Peyton & Shepherd...
From: Tony
Added: Mar 19, 2016
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Besides the many NYSM fans that  Franco has he found a huge fan in his cock sucker Dave!

Franco is a hot hairy Italian that loves to get sucked off doesn't matter to him whether it's a girl or a guy who's ever willing to suck on can have the cock. 

Well Dave was the lucky one and he made the most of the opportunity he could not get enough of Franco's cock! 

Franco could not get enough of Dave's skilled mouth.... that mouth drove Franco crazy and he shot his load all over Dave's face lips and beard!
Franco Fanatic
From: admin
Added: Feb 24, 2016
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Tall, straight boys Texas and Landon casually swap blowjobs for cash. Then Texas surprises everyone by sucking Landon's cock dry after he cums.
Texas and Landon
From: Ginger
Added: Feb 21, 2016
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