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Sucked Off Straight Guy — He said he just likes to cum.

Added Date: Dec 8, 2016 | Category: Straight Men Seduced | Viewed: (183) times

Sucked Off Straight Guy

I met a hot looking man 31 years of age in a straight bar and wound up getting to suck him. It began a relationship that went on for many years with him coming to see me some weeks three or four times. It was not all one sided and when his wife was away he would spend the entire night with me. Long before he finally admitted he might be bi-sexual, he claimed to be entirely straight. I did not care because I was enjoying what I was doing to him and I know that labels are sometimes not appropriate.

It was several weeks of seeing him in the bar and talking that he finally went with me to my place. I liked his looks and personality but it was the country boy in him that got me excited. He wore tight wrangler jeans with work boots and if he had a shirt on, it would be unbuttoned enough you could see a hint of hair on his chest. 

I have always been attracted to guys that have a nice looking bare chest. It is their nipples size, shape and color that attracted me most and in some cases give me a nice hard-on. 

Male nipples that excite me must be some sort of fetish as I would get hard seeing the young men in their swimming trunks at the local public pool. We must have had one of the best looking life guards around anywhere. He was tanned perfectly and those aviator sunglasses just set him off real nice. His nipples were round with a dark brown color to them. I use to dream of him letting me lick on them and I would wake up ejaculating in my shorts. Unfortunately, that dream never became a reality. Fortunately, I did get to make up for lost ground.

I will not use a real name for the guy I met in the bar. I'll just call him Jeff cause I like that name. He had been throwing hints that he might like to play around some. In the bar, I would notice his leg was next to mine and it would rub against mine. I decided I had better make a move or forever hold my piece. I invited him to my place for some beers and a little male bonding. He accepted and said we had better go now because he had to get back home soon.

On the way to my place I decided to be a little cautious. I would check out if he is the type that would take head from a guy. So, once inside I popped the beers and we sat down at my kitchen table and began talking. He told me that he had been living with his girl friend for almost two years and that they were probably going to get married. I asked if they had sex and he said, "Yep." He said she likes to fuck and on a few occasions she had sucked on his Dick. "She doesn't do that very often though," he said, even when he tells her he likes that a lot. 

Just finding out he likes his Dick sucked got me tongue twisting my words. My response to that was, "Have you ever let a guy suck you?" He started to grin a little. "A bud of mine likes men so I let him suck me a couple of times." and then he leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms up and took a deep breath. That caused his vest to open more and I saw his nipples for the first time. He had the kind of chest that I always liked to look at. His nipples were about dime size and visible through the moderate amount of hair. His black hair and mustache completed an erotic scene.

I still wanted to proceed slowly but at that moment I would have dropped down next to his chair, unbuttoned his jeans and started going to town on him. It was just so exciting to know he lets a guy suck him off. I didn't want to seem overly anxious so I said to him, "You know. You look so damn good to me that I sure wouldn't mind giving you some head sometime. That is if you were ever in the mood to let a guy blow you again." He told me that it sounds real good to him cause it's been awhile since he has got off. That excited me and I had to swallow hard to ask him, "What do you like most about getting sucked?" He told me that he just likes to cum.

Now all that was left was for the asking. I said, "Would you let me suck you right now?" He said, "Yes...I will let you." So we both got up and walked down the hall to the bedroom and he took off his boots, vest and jeans and laid down in the bed with nothing on but his white socks. That sight gave me an instant super hard-on.

I got up on the bed next to him on his left side with my head next to his abs. I used my left hand to explore his nice size balls by massaging them gently and lightly tickling them. His cock was laid back against his belly and it contracted a couple of times while I played with his balls. I needed some time to catch my breath so I slowly moved my hand up his cock and took hold of it.

I use to think if you've seen one cock you have seen them all. I now know that is not true. Each one is unique and his was on the plus side. The remarkable thing about his was its head. It looked like a mushroom with a wide ridge around it. The slit at the tip was parted ever so slightly and it made me think of "Old Faithful", ready to erupt its contents at any moment.

I moved my head closer to it and jacked it some more causing it to be more rigid. Then I opened my mouth and took it all in clear down to his pubes. He said, "Now that's the way I like it." I wiggled my tongue and sucked on it up and down its shaft and loved the way that wide ridge felt on my lips as I got close to the tip. I enjoyed the way his cocks skin felt so smooth on my tongue. I began to relax more and get into concentrating on how to make this feel real good to him. Now I was completely consumed by my lust for him and began to look forward to what it was going to be like when he got off.

After three or four more minutes I heard him say, "If you want something out of had better suck it harder and faster." I could only mumble back that I would. My heart beat increased in anticipation of what his cum might taste like. With the increased suction on his cock coupled with faster up and down movements, he uttered some moans and I knew he was getting close. He even said, "Just about."

Moments later, he moaned, followed by spurts of his cum blasting out into my mouth. I slowed my head movements down and just gently wiggled my tongue so I could feel his cock contracting with each spurt of hot cum. There were enough shots that his cum accumulated in my mouth to make me swallow two or three times. It made me excited to know that I was getting something personal from him and it was now inside me.

After he finished getting a nut, I took it out of my mouth and got up to get a wet warm wash cloth to clean him up. He told me that I had missed some and pointed to a bulb of cum in his pubic hairs. So I leaned down and squeegeed it out with my lips and swallowed it too.

All in all, I felt like he was a real fun dude to play with and suck off. It must have felt fantastic to him cause he came to see me three or four times a week there after and we even became friends and did things together. Even after he married his girlfriend, we continued on for years. It was just as much fun the last time I blew him as the first.

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