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Snow Day — Christmas cums early (for 'polar bear' and his 'cub').

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Snow Day

It was the weekend before Christmas 1997 and I hauled my ass out of bed - I was 29 at the time and mornings were not my most productive part of the day, and being a Saturday, I was in no rush to greet the sun. I entered the kitchen and raised my arm to shield my eyes from the blinding light entering the patio doors. There was at least a foot of pristine Maine snow on the ground, blanketing the backyard to the tops of the trees. Everything a blinding white. My eyes adjusted and I found a note on the kitchen table: 

"John, gone to town with Mom for the day to do some shopping - last chance before Christmas. You and Dad are on your own today. There are leftovers in the fridge. Love ya! - Liz"

Sure enough, the car was gone and a single pair of tracks could be seen heading out the driveway to the road. The main road appeared to have been plowed, possibly some time through the night, but it hadn't been cleared down to bare pavement and it looked packed with snow. Not enough to keep folks off the road the weekend before the 25th, but enough to keep the men at home on a Saturday, warm and dry inside. Town was only about an hour away, but that weekend it was the last place a man wanted to be and I was happy the girls went and left us at home. It promised Ed and I a much welcomed day of peace and quite before the holidays finally kicked into gear.

I put on a pot of coffee to brew. My in-laws house was quiet and as I sat for a moment in the silence, I began to wonder if Edward was home. I slipped down the hall and peeked into his bedroom to find his bed neatly made. Back in the kitchen, I surveyed the yard and noticed Ed's truck was gone, but tire tracks lead back to the old garage at the far end of the back yard. It appeared he had driven his truck inside and shut the garage door and as I stood looking out over the yard I noticed thin wisps of smoke begin to curl out of the chimney. I figured if he was making a fire he planned on being out there for awhile, so I hurried off to grab some breakfast and to take a quick shower before heading back to see what he might be up to - there was always something to fix or some tinkering to be done and I loved spending time with him, learning whatever tricks I could. Ed had more than 65 years of tricks up his sleeve and I never tired of learning them - in fact we were more like teacher and student than father-in-law and son-in-law, and that was fine by me. We had a very open relationship, in a very private kind of way and sharing new experiences was something we indulged in from time to time, but only when the opportunity arose. Open, uninhibited physical love was a topic he especially enjoyed teaching and I, was always his eager student. I was off to seize the day...


I arrived at the barn with two piping hot cups of coffee and I leaned back against the side door and it swung open on oiled hinges. The sweet smell of burning wood was inviting and I could already feel the heat of the wood stove that stood crackling in the corner of the garage. Compared to the bitter cold air outside, the garage was an oasis of warmth. I set the lock on the door as I closed it behind me.

"I brought you a coffee," I said, speaking into the room. Ed was no where in sight.

"Thank you, sir!," Edward said, from the other side of the truck, "Just put it on the bench near the stove." 

I sat both coffees down and moved around the truck to find him on his back, on a crawler with his head and shoulders under the front of the truck. He wore a quilted flannel shirt that was unbuttoned and laying open. His barreled chest and full, mature belly were stretching the cotton of his white, v-neck undershirt. He had on his blue work pants with no belt (just a button above the fly) and his under shirt had worked its way out of the front of his pants, leaving a small patch of his hairy belly exposed. But it wasn't just any hairy belly that turned me on...

My interest in men was limited to senior, visibly mature, very masculine men - I had no desire for men my own age or younger and I was also sexually attracted to women. My bisexual quirk led me to begin lusting after Ed soon after we met - he was the perfect mature daddy. He had a strong, masculine manner and a mature physique, a polar bear of sorts if you will, that fit my profile perfectly and Ed, being a closet bisexual, soon led us to an ever growing history of sexual encounters.

"Need a hand?" I asked, squatting next to him.

"Two heads are better than one," he said, "Do you have the day off?"

"The girls are gone for the day, so I guess you got another head." I said.

Ed continued to fiddle under the truck while he explained how we were going to hook up the plow. All I could think of was "something needs plowing, but it aint the snow..." while I looked down at his short, stocky frame laying on the bench under the truck. Barely listening to him, I gazed down from his exposed stomach, to his crotch, where his massive pile of manly bits lay cradled in his pants - a lovely package - a Christmas gift to open early. 

"What can I do to help?" I asked.

"Hand me that half-inch socket wrench. It should be right here next to me," he said.

I grabbed the wrench and leaned in close to him, placing my hand on his chest to balance myself as I leaned in to hand him the tool.

"Careful not to get dirty," Ed said.

"I don't mind getting a little dirty now and then," I said, as I shifted my weight and slid my hand down to his exposed flesh, catching my self there, as if for balance, with my hand flat against his skin, just under his belly button. His skin felt hot and hairy under my fingers.

"I have something I was going to give you for Christmas, but if you don't mind getting it a few days early...," Edward said, "Did you lock the door behind you on the way in?"


"Now, while I loosen this nut can you find the package I wrapped up for you out there?"

Ed remained on the crawler, with half his body under the truck while I boldly slid my hand down over the fly of his pants, massaging his mound, stroking the outline of his cock and balls. 

"Man, I wish it could be Christmas every day," I said while I groped him, "I'm gonna open your gift right now, do you mind?"

"Perrrrrr fect," he purred, "I hope you like it."

Leaving his pants buttoned, I grabbed the tongue of the zipper over the fly and eased it all the way down. The head of his cock was trying to push its way out of the opening, tenting the white cotton of his briefs. I leaned over him, holding the front open on his underwear and lowered my nose into the opening, past his thick patch of salt and pepper pubic hair, inhaling the musky, warm heat radiating from his groin. I reached inside the piss flap and found his manhood, warm and moist against my fingers, and I pulled his prick out through the slot. It started growing and inflating, like the head of a giant turtle extending out of its shell. I reached in and worked his big, meaty ball sack up and out through the slot as well. Ed's eight inch cock was visibly throbbing before my eyes. I reached down and took hold of the shaft. It was so long and thick it felt heavy in my hand and it pulsed with hardness, resisting the firm strokes of my fist as I jacked him off. Ed had a reputation for having a big cock and, as usual, he had no problem getting a powerful, full erection.

"Santa, this is JUST what I was wishing for," I whispered, "and I have something to give you too - do you want it now?"

A grunt from old Ed told me to continue. Holding his prick straight up, I lowered my lips down over his engorged cock head, tasting his clean, slightly salty meat while swirling my tongue over his swollen glans. I worked his massive tool like an ice cream cone, sucking and nibbling all around the head. I began dive bombing my mouth down over the top half of his dick, working at it aggressively for the first few minutes.

"Ohhhhh, Merry X-Mas," Edward moaned, "Your mouth... feels so nice, John, you're one hell-of-a cock sucker." 

I continued to give him the best head I could manage for several minutes, sucking him in the quiet of the morning while the fire crackled and snapped in the stove near by. It was a moment of pulse racing passion mixed with a natural calm and peacefulness - being with Edward just made me feel good, but that moment, while I selflessly gave pleasure to him in the quiet of that winter morning, approached the sublime. It was like the Zen of cock sucking had revealed itself to me, on my knees in the garage, while a beautiful old man moaned with delight. 

I stood up and got my self a sip of coffee and I kept the cup next to me when I sat back down to continue to service Ed. 

"You alright doin' this now?" I asked while stroking his cock in my hand, "You sure you don't want to get more comfortable?"

"I'm doing just fine... hey, your hand feels warmer," he said.

I picked up the coffee mug again and held it in my hand, almost burning my palm, then quickly set it down to grasp his cock, stroking him with my heated fingers.

I took a sip of the warm coffee and held it in my mouth. I went down on him again and allowed the hot liquid to wash down over the head of his cock as he entered my mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, shit that's fucking hot!" Ed said, bracing himself under the truck.

His cock grew noticeably harder in my hand. He slowly slid out from under the truck while I continued to suck him, not missing a beat.

He raised himself onto his knees. His cock was like steel, hardly moving as he balanced himself with a hand on my shoulder. His cock escaped my lips as I rose up to greet up.

Kneeling, I moved along side him so I could put my left arm around his waist while I leaned in close, rubbing the stiff cock in my pants against his hip. I continued to jacked his massive cock using long full strokes with my right hand.

He turned his face toward mine and closed his eyes, parted his lips and panted, as if out of breath. I moved my face next to his and extended my tongue, tracing the wet inner circle of his lips. His hot tongue lashed out to meet mine and I could feel his saliva dribble down my chin. I rubbed my hand down over his big strong belly and found his cock again. I braced myself against him and began pounding on his cock, gripping him tightly in my hand and riding the skin on his cock as far back as I could take it with each slam of my fist. Ed was taking quick, shallow breaths and he began to pump his hips, fucking my hand. I kept up the fast pace for several minutes - I wanted him to cum so bad I could taste it. My desire to keep giving him pleasure was surpassed only by my desire to make him cum, to make him feel so good that he would relinquish his life giving seed to me, there on the floor in the garage.

"I want you to cum for me, you big, handsome bull. I want you to feel good," I said, looking directly into his hazel eyes, "I wanna milk you till your fucking balls are empty."

"Oh yeah, John, milk your daddies big, fat cock," Ed said, watching me wank his cock, harder and faster, "FASTER, ohhhhh, harder, HARDER, yeaaaaah baby, my balls are gonna blow, son!"

"Lean forward and get on your hands and knees," I commanded.

Ed assumed the position and I moved behind him, running my hands down over the ass of his pants and in between his legs. I grasped his tool - it hung down, long and thick, like the handle of a pick axe, and I continued to pump it, keeping up a steady rhythm, savoring each stroke of Ed's monster cock.

I took another sip of my coffee while I continued to fondle him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. The coffee was very warm but no longer hot - I had an idea.

"I'm so close I'm leaking," Ed said. I quickly lowered my mug under the tip of his cock, catching some precum trickling from his throbbing organ, letting it mix with my coffee - stage one of my plan. 

I took a quick sip, "Hot daddy, that's some fucking sweet precum, ummm!" I said and I lowered the mug back under him to catch another drip.

"I can feel the heat from the coffee," Ed said, "it's feels incredible... oooooooouuuuuhhhh."

I could tell by his grunts and moaning that he was on the brink of cumming. I held his cock straight down, pumping it slowly and I raised my cup of coffee forcing the big, fat head of his cock into the liquid of my warm java - stage two of my plan. I wanted to make him crazy.

"What the fuck!," he barked, "Ohhhh, fuck yeah, shit I'm cumming, John, pump me harder, fucking pound on it!"

His cock turned to iron in my hand and I worked his shaft like a piston, as fast as I could pump it. I lowered the mug in time to watch Edwards balls explode. The first jet of cum hit the surface of the coffee so hard it splashed up over the rim and onto my hand. His cock spewed forth blast after blast of his snow white cream in long, agonizing streams. Edward groaned and writhed while orgasmic shudders shook his body. I literally milked his cock into my mug, squeezing out every drop.

After a moment, Edward leaned back, upright on his knees and his cock hung out of the front of his pants like a drunken one eyed python, still thickened, but no longer fully erect. 

"Now that's a gift that keeps on giving," I said, smiling at Edward.

"I put a lot of thought into it," Ed said, "I knew you'd like it."

"It's what I always wanted, and there's nothing like real cream in your coffee to smooth the flavor," I said, taking a sip and feeling a string of his slimy ejaculate slide into my mouth, "Umm, Christ, that's nice cum, Ed." I sucked up the gob of his fresh, white cum off the back of my hand and smeared it over my lips with my tongue as Edward watched wide eyed.

Ed leaned forward and grabbed the back of my head, forcing his mouth onto mine, sucking at his own seed. Our lips parted and a spider web strand of his sticky cum joined my lip to his. I grunted and extended my tongue and moved toward him, sucking up the string until out lips met once again. As we kissed I reached down and held his half deflated manhood, jacking him slowly as we continued to trade our oral juices. So hot and sticky, so completely horny. So sweet and delicious. His lips were soft and warm and I rubbed my hand over the silver whiskers on his cheek while we exchanged a few more cum covered kisses.

"You've given 'good to the last drop' a whole new meaning for me!" I said, chuckling.

"Maxwell House was just missing the secret ingredient," Ed said, smiling, "a load of fresh, hot cream." Ed wiped away the wet area around his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

Just then we heard a car pull into the drive way and we quickly zipped up and tried to regain our composure. A minute later there were foot steps crunching through the snow and someone was jiggling the side door. I moved to unlock the door to finally see who had come calling.

"You really need to lock the door when you're out here?" Al said, raising an eyebrow on his weathered old face as he entered, "Oh, is that coffee I smell?"

Al was Edwards best friend of more than 40 years - just how good a friend I was soon to find out.

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