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Enjoying My Brother — Straight guy finds his bi side with his brother.

Added Date: Aug 10, 2016 | Category: All in the Family | Viewed: (540) times

Enjoying My Brother

I awoke in the strange bed, my mind foggy. I knew where I was, vaguely, but the warmth of sleep still wrapped me up. I fell back into dreams again, the horny dreams that swam around my foggy mind every morning. Dreams of gorgeous warm bodies writhing in pleasure, of dominance and compliance, of others enjoying me, of sensual kinky wanton desire. My erection was straining painfully against the fabric of my tangled boxers, and trying to relieve that ache my foggy mind recalled that I was not in bed alone. I was lying in a bed in my parent's summer cabin. My older brother beside me. The warmth of his body so close to me stilled my writhing and soon I fell back into my dreams again. This time I was small and quiet against the large warm body beside me an unknown pretty face lovingly and sensually kissing and caressing the gorgeous muscle toned body I lay beside. 

I was restrained somehow, unable to move, to touch or to experience her touch. Her hands caressed him and moved down to his large hard erection cradling it then stroking its heavy hot flesh, I was mesmerized by the sight of the big cock and her gentle caressing bringing the inevitable orgasm closer and closer. She stroked him with sensual experienced hands purring her desire for him, the dream was so real and I was so aroused. I tried to move my hand to join hers, but as I moved she dipped her head and took his cock between her lips to lovingly accept the seed that began to spew from the big cock almost immediately. Her eyes meeting mine as she wantonly feasted on the gorgeous cock.

I was so aroused, my cock was rock hard and aching more and I desperately needed release. I woke enough to I realize that I had indeed moved my hand. It lay on the warm muscled flesh of my brother's stomach. I lay on my side beside him, my face nestled along the side of his chest. One arm pinned under my own body. To give myself release I would have to roll away and that may wake him. I have no idea why I did what happened next. I had never had any gay leanings at all, women had always been my heart's desire. But still wrapped in dozy coma and without thinking I stroked my hand over the smooth relaxed muscles of his stomach, slowly down towards his groin. The sensation of his warm soft skin under my fingers was a thrill of its own and my fingertips felt every crease and ridge of his abdomen on its slow lazy glide over. I had no thoughts of the implications of what I was doing, I was just enthralled by the sensations. 

My fingers travelled over the ribbed waistband then over the loose soft fabric until it rode over the firm ridge of flesh inside. It was satisfyingly engorged and thick. My fingers lovingly travelled over it, thrilling at the prize held within the cotton coverings. I felt it grow, expanding under my hand as I stroked up along its length to the swollen fat head. I felt it twitch as I held the pulpy mushroom head between the tips of my fingers and thumb, running the thumb over the sensitive groove. I slipped my fingers back down the length of the shaft caressing it all the way to the root through the fabric of his shorts. Towards the base of the thrillingly long thick manhood, the fabric opened up and my fingers slipped inside to stroke the hot flesh. The hair was short and sparse, I ran my fingers down through it until I was cupping the large balls and they filled my entire hand. 

Dreamily I cradled the thick cock in my hand and I felt it grow, thickening. I began to slowly stroke it, luxuriating in the feeling of it filling my hand, hot and strong. As I slowly stoked up and down, my movements opened the fabric wider and the entire length of his cock came free. I felt it thicken more until it was like a hot iron bar encased in a silken wrapping. I stroked the outer wrapping, my mind whirring with delight and desire for this rigid pole of lust. My own cock achingly hard inside the restrictive confine of my tangled shorts. I pressed myself against his leg, the firm muscles of his thigh providing some added friction driving my own cock closer and closer to release. My mind imagined the size and shape of him, an erotic picture of the hot meaty flesh drawn from the sensual tug of my fingers on him. I craved this cock, my fevered mind was desperate for it, enslaved by the need for it.

I felt the thick shaft pulsing in my hand twitching and moving as I moved on it, my grip gentle and persuasive, drawing him higher and higher. I imagined the head, engorged and purple, the flesh pulled tight and glistening. Unbidden, but enslaved by the lustful calling of this big hot cock I moved my head down to meet it. I kissed my way down the smooth warm flesh of his stomach, teasing myself with the knowledge of the forbidden fruit to come then delighting in the feel of it slipping between the lips of my eager mouth. I heard my brother moan but was too absorbed in the sensations to take anything other than delight in his pleasure.

I reveled in the feel of his hard cock between my lips, the delight of rolling my tongue over the head as my lips were stretched tight. I caressed it lovingly with my tongue and squeezed it tightly with my lips as my hand continued to jack him. Wantonly I began to bob my head in time to my hand's movements on his thick shaft. The taste and smell and heat of him filled my senses. I moaned too as I rocked my hips in time to the gyrations of my lust crazed mouth and hand. I felt his hips bucking under me, driving his cock up with every down stroke of my hand and mouth. I felt the thick wide cockhead hit the back of my throat with each thrust my need to take all I could of him meeting his need for release. 

And then his cock pulsed in my hand and I felt the rush of seed up through his hot shaft, felt it burst into my mouth, filling me with a hot salty sticky goo that I greedily slurped and swallowed. His hips bucked wildly and I felt his hand on my head urging me onwards as splash after splash filled my mouth. I reveled in the sensations pouring over me: taste, smell, heat, touch. My mouth repeatedly filling with his cum and his hand gripping me, urging me to take it all driving me over the edge and I felt myself cum in a daze of lust and excited passion as I writhed against him. I heard him groaning above me as he came and I moaned and whimpered my own orgasm onto his thick meat, my mouth too busy and full to allow me the scream I desired.

Slowly his bucking ceased and my own orgasm passed. I lay with my brother's cock still between my lips, lovingly kissing and licking it until the reality of what I had done began to dawn on me. I suddenly felt very cold and humiliated. I got up without looking at him and headed for the bathroom, my face hot with embarrassment, my head hung in shame and the sound of his gentle laughter behind me.

In the bathroom I turned on the shower in the tub and peeled the sticky mess of my shorts off and stepped under the steaming water. My mind was whirring. What had I done? I stood motionless under the shower, the hot water slowly soothing my panic. The image of me sucking my bothers cock rolling over me, making me reel with shame. Realization that as I had been stroking his cock, I had been kissing the soft skin of his side and chest, that I had kissed my way lovingly down his body, that I had humped his thigh like a bitch in heat until I came. I closed my eyes in desperate fear of what he would say, and how he would ridicule me, about what this meant about me and my previously very heterosexual life. As a horny 19 year old, I had my share of girlfriends and had never looked at a guy sexually. My brother, 6 years older than me and married, had no inclinations that way either as far as I knew. Perhaps it all meant nothing and it would blow over as two ships passing in the night.

After a few minutes my heart slowed and the panic subsided to an aching worry. I picked up the soap and started to wash. As my hands slid over my body lathering up the soap, visions of his body and the way it felt flooded through my memory. The taste of his cock was still in my mouth and it did nothing to calm my turmoil. My cock stirred and my soapy hands were quick to find my cock and the distraction it served. A few strokes were all it took to bring it back to full erection and I reveled in its hardness. My hands sliding over it as my mind still replayed the feeling of his cock in my hand and the smell and taste of its head in my mouth. I remembered his strong hand on my head and began to imagine both his hands on me, his body fully covering me. My soapy hands strayed all over my body as imagined him doing the same. Soaping my back and buttocks, tipping my butt up and out as my fingers played between my cheeks, opening my ass to the slippery invasion.

I felt the shower curtain open and froze. I turned my back in shame, unable to look at him. I stood in the corner out of the water as he first took the soap from me and then washed himself. I was still covered in soap and needed to rinse off but couldn't find the strength to speak. I could feel his eyes on me as I stood there. I could hear him washing himself, imagined him grinning at my back. Imagined all the cruel things he was going to say. The big heat lamp above me set off an eerie red glow, it kept me warm but filled me with dread. 

I almost jumped out of my skin when he touched me. His hand on my hip, then his other hand on my other hip. He pulled me back against him and his arms encircled me. I suddenly realized how much bigger than me he was, My head was up against his shoulder, my shoulders were pressed against his chest and, oh god, his cock was pressed into my lower back. The realization of his firm erection pressing into my back was somehow both calming and terrifying at the same time. He bent his face forward and he murmured "Don't worry, little brother, this is all going to work out ok."

I couldn't imagine what he meant and I didn't feel any less worried but the panic started to subside and as his hands began to roam over me I understood that he had no malicious intent. He found my nipples and played with them, he found my cock and balls and stroked them with his big soapy hands. He rubbed his cock against my soapy back, pulling his hips away from me every so often to let it slip between my buttocks. Despite the warning bells going in my head, the sensations were all so thrilling and my brothers huge physical presence was so overwhelming that I felt my body responding and I didn't pull away. His big thick shaft slid up and down the groove of my ass and the thrill that it sent through me pushed more of the worry away. The tip stroked across the bud of my asshole and the desire to have him in there was immense.

He pulled me back into him again but his greater height drew his cock up and above my ass into my back again. His bristly face was against my ear again. "I want to fuck your sexy little ass." He murmured, then his mouth dropped lower and he sucked on my neck, at the same time his hand gripped my soapy cock and stroked me. An involuntary whimper left my lips. His hands dropped lower and he gripped my thighs lifting me up off the floor of the tub. I put my feet on the sides of the tub and he rested me down there and continued his caressing of my body. Now when he pulled his hips towards mine his cock fitted perfectly into the crease of my ass. He rolled it around my asshole and then down between my legs, nudging against my balls. He pushed my hand onto the head of his cock. It was all I could reach of him but I didn't pull my hand away. The feeling of the crown of his cock silky and smooth and his breath ragged in my ear was a huge turn on.

He stroked my cock as I caressed his. His stubble was rough on my skin and his teeth were fierce on my neck but his strong hands held me firmly to him and any will I had to resist was evaporating fast. He pulled his hips away from me slightly and his cock slipped out of my reach and stroked up between my legs. He grabbed a little jar of petroleum jelly that he must have brought into the shower. Then he slipped his hand between us lubing himself and then teasing in and out of my ass with a greasy finger. Humiliating as it was I couldn't resist pushing back onto this gentle invasion, he indulged me for a while then groaned: "Damn, you are going to be a hot fuck." And he eased his finger out and I felt the gorgeous big head of his cock push against my puckered hole. 

I couldn't imagine the thickness of it ever fitting inside my little opening. But he was entirely unhurried. He continued to stroke and caress my body and his cock just nudged gently and persistently at my ass. I tried to relax and just focus on his hand exploring me. His fingers on my chest, my stomach, my cock. His mouth on my neck and my ear. A thumb, now less soapy, slipping across my lips, teasing my tongue to come out and play then slipping between my lips.

Then it happened. My ass opened up a little and the head of his cock slipped in. He groaned in pleasure as a gasp left my lips. He held me tight so I couldn't pull off him but the ache in my asshole was inescapable. I sucked and mewed on his thumb as I wriggled my ass, trying to ease the sudden pain, but with his arm tight around me, all that did was drive his cock deeper into me. I gasped and whimpered as I felt his cock push even deeper, believing there was no way I could take any more but more kept slipping in. His hands slithered down my sides and he gripped my hips. Holding me tight on his shaft as he rocked back and forth slowly, gently opening me up. My ass slowly began to accommodate his unyielding cock and the pain eased. He continued to rock his hips, withdrawing almost the entire way out of me then drawing me back and down onto him, pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke. 

As my body relaxed and got used to the stretched full feeling, a new sensation began to take over. There was a nerve bundle in my ass that was enjoying the attention and pleasure began to replace the pain. He began to fuck his cock into me with greater determination and his grunts and groans of pleasure were staring to be met with some of my own. The pleasure grew until my entire focus was my brother's big cock and the need to have more of it. I was pushing back onto him, craving the wonderful sensations he was causing in me, riding his cock for all I was worth. And he was pulling me down hard on to him, then lifting me before pulling me down again and again, controlling every delicious stroke.

He slowed his fucking and I pushed back wanting more. "You like that, little boy?" He asked teasingly. "Do you like being my bitch? You want more of your big brother's cock? 

His cock kept stroking across that wonderful nerve bundle and I kept pushing back onto it, climbing higher and higher in search of an orgasm, riding harder and faster. 

"Oh, yes!" I moaned "Yesssss. Fuck me! Please Fuck me!"

He pounded his cock into to my ass, gabbing my hands as I tried to steady myself, holding them tight to my sides as he fucked me like a wanton rag doll. Deep and hard, over and over in a frenzied lust fueled fucking. I was moaning in a depraved fog of desire as he roared his orgasm into my ear, fucking into me deep and hard. Gripping my hips tightly to him. As he drained himself into me, my ass bucking in his grip as my own body quaked. He pinned me there, his cock rigid, deep in my ass, his hands tightly binding me in place, his breathing ragged in my ear. I writhed some more, enjoying the feelings his cock still induced in me even as his cock began to dwindle. I relaxed back into his strong body, tired but no longer worried.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" He groaned as his cock finally slipped free. He gave my ass a hot swat as he stepped out of the shower. "I was right. You are a hot little fuck toy."

By the time I got out of the shower he had left the bathroom. As I dried off, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, small smooth frame, sexy bubble butt and a clear fresh almost feminine face. I saw what he saw, a sexy little fuck toy. The only flaw was a livid bruise on my neck. I ran my fingertips over it and remembered the sensation of his mouth on me. 

I closed my eyes and whispered. "Yessss!" I didn't know what the implications of all of this would be, but he was right: I wanted more of my big brother's cock.

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